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ABOUT  Molly

Born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming Molly Gjervold of Molly G Photography is a skilled Commercial Photographer who is passionate about capturing the most precious moments of your life. Molly Gjervold began her venture into photography in 2012 and became obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photograph: light, shadows, composition, and emotion. Molly is skilled in many different aspects of photography including 4x5 and 35mm film, alternative processes, and on location or in-studio work. Her journey into photography officially started when Molly attended a 35mm film class at Cheyenne East High School her sophomore year of high school but the passion had been there long before. Molly graduated from Cheyenne East High school in the spring of 2016 which then began her great adventure to Northwest college in Powell Wyoming where she would graduate in the spring of 2018 with a degree in the Associates in Applied Science from a master level commercial photography program. Molly is now a product photographer for TJX Sierra while she continues her professional career.
As your Photographer, Molly G Photography will capture your poignant and sometimes crazy moments with creative twists that will remain timeless. Molly G Photography has a boutique personal service for clients who appreciate close, hands-on assistance. Molly is proficient in the art of Adobe Photoshop as well as other programs such as Lightroom CC, Bridge, Premier, Capture One, and many more. Growing up with an old-fashioned family and an appreciation for film Molly Gjervold's journey into the art of photography has only just began. 


College: Northwest College, Photographic Communications AAS Class of 2018

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